Tron Village


Invested TRX

Economic strategy built on Tron Network blockchain
Tron Village

Tron Village - is an economic strategy where you can earn cryptocurrency Tron. Becoming a member of our project, you can run your own business – acquire and develop your production, which yields real profit.

Play the game and get cryptocurrency Tron every day!

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Build your factories

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Game features

  • Safety and reliability of TRON network
  • Open source code
  • Transparent stats in blockchain
  • Automatic addition of coins every hour
  • Instant payouts TRX
  • Easy and friendly gameplay

Coin rate

1 TRX = ...
Other details you can find in the section FAQ - economic strategy built on a blockchain Tron Network. Create your production, develop it and get cryptocurrency Tron every day!

You will need web extension for the game TronLink or TronPay